Vintage Tories – Arguably before it all went wrong

Let’s look at the local Tory Party right now. For 20 years it had run the Borough Council, been through a few leaders and councillors. In 2023 an egotist and his followers staged a coup on what was perceived to be an underperforming leadership consisting of Councillors Jeremy Oates and Robert Pritchard, that somehow without the help of the coup group had managed to win well at every election in that last 20 years. The Tories were already on the downer when former Councillor Daniel Cook split off from the group with his family and friends to form Independent Future, who are now defunct bar the remaining Councillors Ben Price and Rosemary Claymore.

So along came the reasonably newly elected egotists, including Paul Thompson, who has vanished after his suspension in a puff of smoke as randomly as he arrived from nowhere, perceived to be Councillor Paul Turner’s (a Freemason) stooge to aid the coup. In 2023 the coup group proceeded to take over the Tory Council group with the chant ‘Things can only get better’ (hearing that song still makes us shudder). The Tories then promptly fell apart as a group splitting down the middle. The New and Improved Tory Leadership™ went on to knock down a historic building, replace their leader with Councillor Thomas Jay who had a poisonous link to a troll who has been beating them with his club ever since on Facebook. Jay then appointed a deputy leader that did nothing to harmonise the split group that had zero experience. All whilst most of them were plotting and scheming against a Councillor in a Masonic conspiracy that would make Dan Brown take notes for his next book. All this happened in just under a year, and look where they have got as a result.

In the Conservative association, we have a fumbling incompetent by the name of Councillor David Smith (also a Freemason), whom we have heard from Tory sources, once stated in a meeting of all Tory members that “he wished all of this Chris Pincher business could be swept under the carpet”. Smith has failed to provide any injection of life of his own into the association, apparently hindering it from moving forwards. Unsurprisingly given his attitude on that particular matter, he has been criticised for failing to do anything with regards to recent election candidates such as former Councillors who were allegedly involved in less than savoury activities. Grassroots Tories are apparently sighing with relief that former Councillor Maycock (yep, another Freemason) and little Dan (we presume he is by default) no longer represent their interests on the Council.

So this Masonic conspiracy, we have mentioned before. Councillors Richard Kingstone, Paul Turner, David Smith along with former Councillor Maycock and destroyer of Theme Parks William ‘Bill’ Bryan all of whom are Freemasons, conspired along with not so local troll Paul Brina Brindley to we can only presume, manipulate and demolish the Tories locally (especially with the removal of former Councillor Pritchard after 20 years), with the aim of re-building it in their image. Only it went slightly pear shaped when Turner demolished Goostrys instead, causing him to step down as Tory leader.

Turner and Kingstone were seen happily chatting away together at the recent election count. It would appear the Masons are not yet finished, and we suspect Paul Turner is due to make a second bid for leadership of the Tory group at their upcoming AGM. This could then pave the way for Richard Kingstone to re-join the Tories to ensure he has a better chance of being re-elected when the time comes, along with Bill Bryan who has always been a natural Tory at heart. It seems Bryan only stood with the aim of removing votes from Pritchard aided by the troll, causing an exclamation of “the plan worked” from Kingstone at the count.

What a sad state of affairs exists in the Tory party today, it seems if people had any concerns about Freemasons interfering in society, they are being brought to fruition by this bunch who don’t appear to give a damn about the organisation they are a part of aims to be transparent and charitable amongst other things. They are all a disgrace, but sadly left unchecked to carry on as they were. It is they who have brought about the apparent ‘misfortune’ of the local Tories, and even if you aren’t a conspiracy nut, it would be very hard not to see what we here at Debunking do, in joining all the pieces together.

Talking of us, we were amused to hear that apparently our team have left the Council after not being elected. Which of course is news to us, but we are so far down the line now unless we live streamed ourselves on this site walking through town naked, we wouldn’t be able to divert attention from those being fingered (how pleasant) for running Debunking.

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