It’s been a slow week. Thankfully Kingstone has roused us from our slumber after the ‘excitement’ of the elections tonight with this post.

We’ve covered the recycling bin saga a while ago and it was actually not government mandated that the current recycling scheme came into being. It came into being because officers of the Council and former Councillor Daniel Cook had already done the deed and signed the town up to our current method before it was presented as an ‘option’ to the then Tory controlling group. Whilst we absolutely agree with Kingstone (oh no the world is ending help me mummy!) here at Debunking that the one bin system was indeed the gold standard of recycling. We were more interested in the idea that Kingstone fought for anything other than for his own gains. The most, he has ever raised a racket about is his own dustbin which kept getting nicked, his refusal to pay £14 for a new bin with a chip in it, earning himself a front page spot on the Herald and the attention he still craves to this day.

So we asked. We got in touch with those most mysterious of people ‘familiar with the matter’ to find out. And you’d be surprised to find out, Kingstone didn’t say a word about it within the group at the time. We understand everyone in the Tory group lamented the idea of changing the service, but were so convinced of it having to change by Cook, there was no ‘fighting’ of any kind going on other than former Councillor Simon Goodall having raised prescient concerns in the committee he was once chair of (again see the story). It was he that pushed back, whilst we understand Kingstone was only generally ever concerned about anything only if it affected him personally.

And so there it passed and we were lumbered with it. Given Kingstones penchant for attention, you can be assured if he had felt so strongly about it he would have gone to the press, as is his usual MO, or at least voted against it at the council meeting it passed through unscathed. He didn’t, of course.

We at Debunking don’t need recycling bins, we just drop our waste in to the fiery pits of hell where nearly everyone we feature on this site imagines we should be. Our heating bill is none existent though, so there’s an upside.

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