The Spotted Tamworth Facebook Group

[We are aware that there is a Facebook group called Tamworth Spotted (not for profit), this doesn’t refer to that page.]

Spotted Tamworth on Facebook is run by Paul Brina Brindley.

This Spotted Tamworth Facebook group has over 50,000 followers. That’s an immense number of people in a town of Tamworth’s size to rely on as an information source. What most people do not know and we feel is not transparent enough, is that this page is run by former turned troll Councillor Paul Brindley who until recently was a Conservative Councillor who became disillusioned with the role and his part and left both (he also now lives in Leicestershire). In fact the page was purchased by him and another Councillor Alex Farrell some time back although Alex Farrell apparently no longer has anything to do with it. He still owes that person money for the page to this day.

if you scroll through the posts at you will see an endless stream of disparaging political posts directed at the town’s conservative controlling group. Even more fun than that is the page sharing posts in the same vein from ‘Tamworth Independent Voice’ which is, you’ve guessed it, run by exactly the same Ex Councillor Paul Brindley. It is essentially the same person writing and promoting and even better still, talking to himself, agreeing with his own posts from his different pages. The objective of the Tamworth Spotted page is ‘Tamworth and surrounding areas news + information’ and ‘Connecting people & businesses’. What you get in fact is a disillusioned former Councillor banging the drum about just about how bad he thinks his former colleagues running the council are. All of course with no evidence, just a bitter nasty vengeful opinion. We wouldn’t say a site set up to give news and information is particularly credible or trustworthy when it seems it’s sole intention is to ram negative and questionable claims down people’s throats. Yet 50,000 plus people seem to continue following the page. According to the many complaints on other groups, should you say anything that Mr Brindley doesn’t like, or question his claims, you will find yourself at the very least unable to post on the page, or if you really annoy him you’ll be entirely blocked. So much for honesty integrity and transparency hey.

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