Warning: Paul Brindley (Brina) Tamworth & Leicester Troll

Warning: Thinking of doing business with Paul Brindley of Tamworth and now Leicester? Or believing anything he posts on his Facebook groups? You might want to think again.

Thanks for visiting. You will hopefully have got to this page by searching for Paul Brindley Tamworth or Brina Tamworth or Spotted Tamworth. That was indeed the intention.

Why does this page exist and why have the people who run Debunking Tamworth exercised so much resource in attempting to make sure people who search for this man have got here?

This man is a troll, a menace to Tamworth, a failed former Councillor, failed business owner leaving supplier debts of thousands of pounds, glory hunter and recipient of an undeserved British Empire Medal that he disgraces on a daily basis. Here’s all of the posts about Paul Brindley. Decide for yourself if this guy is someone you want your business associated with. Shame on you if you do.

Paul Brindley runs four Facebook pages, Spotted Tamworth Tamworth Voice, Neglected Tamworth and Paul Brindley BEM Independent Voice for Tamworth. All of these pages have a significant following and all of them are used to spread abuse, hate, bullying and downright lies. All whilst claiming to be against all of those behaviours and of course giving no-one who is the target of his abuse any right of reply or comeback whatsoever. He routinely deletes any comments that point this out to him or call out false information, as well as blocking the people who make the posts. As his more obvious political rantings posted by the page are apparently ignored, he has employed a new tactic, making use of a custom his site followers use to ask for things to be posted. He has now resorted to putting ‘pp’ or ‘please post’ at the beginning of his rants so that people think it is actual users of the group that are asking for their viewpoint to be posted.

He is primarily interested in bringing down the Tamworth Conservative group whom he used to be part of and then quit because he couldn’t get his own way, and indeed use the council to his own ends to benefit his own businesses and friends as much as he had hoped to. He has since been on a ‘moral crusade’ to expose the Councillors he does not like, who got in his way or did not want to do his bidding. Whilst making sure people like Councillor Thomas Jay who we understand he is good friends with get good positive comments and post shares. You can see this for yourself quite easily on his page.

If you read all of the posts on his pages you can see just how much of an unfiltered agenda this man has and how he believes he is beyond any reproach. He says he has evidence of what he says, which is never posted and is easily faked or edited or presented in such a way that it would back him up anyway.

The Debunking Tamworth site has a number of examples of his misconduct that you can view. We would be interested in hearing more about this man and any misdeeds such as those we already know of like not paying his staff wages and having to be taken to a tribunal.

Why are we going to such lengths to expose this dangerously out of control man and his unhinged attitude? Simply because if he is left to his own devices for much longer, this man (who cross posts between his own sites referring to himself with positive comments in the third person) will continue to have an undue influence over the town. And quite simply, we hate lies and misinformation, that’s kind of the point of this site in general. Paul Brindley believes he can say and do what he wishes, so we wish to restore the balance of power as best we can and provide evidence of his dangerous blatant hypocrisy and lies for everyone to see.

If you’re thinking of doing business with Paul Brindley or one of his companies, or getting involved in anything he does, or even believing anything he posts on his Facebook groups, think long and hard about it. He’s happily and freely admitted to keeping WhatsApp messages to blackmail former friends and colleagues who have spoken to him in confidence. If this doesn’t tell you anything about Paul Brindley’s lack of integrity, we don’t know what will. You have been warned!

If you have any information that you can ideally prove with publically available information about Paul ‘Brina’ Brindley then please email [email protected]

We won’t enter into any correspondence with you, so please ensure all of your information is fully passed on.

Some more ideas of his utter failures of events:

Below are a list of businesses that currently support Paul Brindley and pay him money (quite possibly undeclared to the tax man too since spotted media is not a company:

Heres the list of shame:

The Rose Inn Baxterley

Roofseal Tamworth

Grace Cares Tamworth

JoYem Home Fragrances Tamworth

Jynx Bar and Nightclub Tamworth

Tamworth Financial Services

The Clear Out Company Tamworth

Glenn Removals

Blooming Perfect Memories

Bradley Scott Windows

Banana Moon Day Nursery (Kingsbury)

MIA Skip Hire

Mark Webster Estate Agents Tamworth

Devlin Wholesale Carpets & Flooring

Jasons Jackets

Xtreme Driveway Cleaning

Xtreme Steam Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Weatherdy Damproofing & Insulation

Unique Roofing and Driveways Ltd Tamworth

Wheelie Wash

Paul Brindley in Tamworth is currently Director of the following businesses registered on Companies house:


Company number 09337686


Company number 14755565


Company number 14696145


Company number 13847876


Company number 13434046


Company number 10462511

Who runs Spotted Tamworth?

Answer: Paul Brindley (Brina)

Who runs Tamworth Voice?

Answer: Paul Brindley (Brina)

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