Claim: Tamworth doesn’t have a police station any more

Given this is a debunking website, would it shock you to your inner core to learn that this statement being bandied about is not actually true?

A few people have mentioned this, notably Andrew Jenkins, Independent candidate for Bolehall. Who finds it shameful that we don’t have a police station. I think it’s quite shameful for someone who wishes to represent people to lie to them right off the bat. If you don’t know there actually is a police station in Tamworth Andrew then what hope do residents who potentially end up with you as a Councillor have?

So where is this police station that everyone can’t find then? It’s on Marlborough way Belgrave, Tamworth B77 2NW. It shares a building with the fire station in a shocking display of Government efficiency.

Regardless of whether anyone ‘thinks’ that the police station should be in the town centre, to say that we don’t have one is a downright lie. And what I would ask such people is, what is your expert knowledge on the subject of where the police should locate themselves? I think we should probably leave that to the experts.

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