These next few weeks are going to be very interesting watching a new Labour run council.

They now have 18 councillors, some are young mouthy and ambitious and others are old school and will be stuck in their ways. I think Carol Dean will be way out of her depth. If she thinks she will be in charge of the likes of Margret Clark and Marion Couchman she has a shock coming. Both formidable woman who will definitely show her a thing or two…

They will also be infighting over positions and power (I bet it’s already started). Councillors like Sarah Daniels who was there before Carol and her band of misfits will get pushed aside because she’s to weak to speak out, (I give it 6 months before she goes independent, whether boyfriend Ben Clarke will follow her remains to be seen)

Carol Dean can’t throw a wet t-shirt contest in a rain storm so controlling 16 power hungry councillors just won’t happen, I say 16 because Ken will have been bought off with Mayor. Let’s hope none of the older Labour Group Members are ill, otherwise Heartless Helen Hadley will be all over that.

None of them are a match for the likes of Councillors, Oates, Pritchard and Summers so what ever cabinet they come up with will be a shit show and I can’t wait for the conservatives to throw the questions their way and show their asses up.

Popcorn at the ready.

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