Well they won. As we said they would (it seems recent contributors to the Mailbag forget that). Slightly more than we expected! Only one Tory won their seat, which was Councillor Martin Summers, having taken the Trinity seat from Daniel Cook who decided to hang up his political boots and not re-stand.

Thankfully the smug William ‘Bill’ Bryan and his handler the disgusting gaslighting liar Councillor Richard Kingstone didn’t manage to get Bryan a seat. But what they did get was their ambition to remove a certain former Tamworth Councillor Robert Pritchard removed from the Spital Ward fulfilled. So much so they were heard by our source saying “the plan worked” at the election count this afternoon. We wonder whether Bryan genuinely wanted the seat after all, or whether they really went to these extreme lengths in the pursuit of their vile aim.

Interestingly, seen talking in a very pally manner at the count were Bryan, Kingstone and Paul Turner, suggesting that this was a shared aim between the three, given that Turner led the coup ousting Pritchard from his deputy leader position this time last year. We’ve even heard rumours that there’s some kind of Masonic conspiracy going on as all three of them are indeed ‘Brothers’. It’s not a good look for the Freemasons if this kind of thing is going on and people are starting to notice it.

What we have now is a Labour controlled Council after 20 years, with plenty of money in the bank for the socialists to spaff it up the wall, before the Council likely ends up in turmoil. All apparently because Tory voters wanted to “send a message to Sunak”. Well you’ve sent the message, that’s for certain, as well as screw over some hard working local councillors for some new ones who in some wards were not even expecting to win. The Tories of course did put some paper candidates up, and they stood no chance anyway. There’s no loyalty amongst Tory voters is there.

We’ve had some of Labours’ greatest hits brought back in to the fray, Ken Norchi, Marion Couchman, David Foster and Margaret Clark. Long retired, these old school Labour party stalwarts will no doubt show the newbies what to do. It’s a very changed political scene now compared to when these guys were last Councillors, and it remains to be seen whether they get along with their young, inexperienced colleagues. Given rumours of a coup are in the air, we wonder if Councillor Carol Dean will still be leader of the Council. Somehow given her dire performances in Council and committees, we think it’s unlikely they’ll stomach any further embarrassment.

Labour now have the task of actually running the town, and we shall be watching with interest of course to see whether all what they’ve promised will come true. Although we don’t actually know what their plans were meant to be other than get the Tories out and ‘change’. As we’ve fully declared, we have a Tory bias at Debunking, and yet we still get cries of horror at this to the mailbag as if we’ve made ourselves out to be some kind of impartial news source. Oh you do make us laugh! We encourage making your own mind up, rather than believing everything you read on the Internet. We’d be horrified if we were the only source of any readers news!

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