You, yes you. It’s all your fault. Well let’s hope it’s not the hopefully more enlightened people who read this site. We know we have trolls and conspiracy nuts reading the site to see if we said anything about them, but we don’t count them. Unfortunately the people of Tamworth knowing not what they do, will soon most likely be putting Councillor Carol Dean in charge of the council in May’s elections. If you’ve not seen the Labour group in action before, she’s the icing on the shit cake.

Currently chairing the Infrastructure Safety and Growth (or ISAG as it’s colloquially known) having ‘negotiated’ the position during the farcical first full council meeting of the year. Dean has stumbled and floundered her way through half a year of pointless time wasting meetings whilst getting paid a pretty penny for the privilege.

If you’ve never watched a Council committee meeting before (what’s your excuse, you can do it online now) they are generally bloody boring. Although if some of our trolls and morons that run Facebook groups were as interested as they make out to be, they’d learn something and their ridiculous conspiracies would almost immediately be squashed. We can only pity the poor Councillors who have to sit through Carol’s meetings.

Dean starts off as she means to go on by having to approve three sets of minutes from previous meetings simply because she forgot to do it. Now you might think ‘why are you picking on this in particular you mean people at Debunking, everyone’s human and makes mistakes’. We totally understand that view, but when you consider that every single council meeting there ever is has an agenda item to approve previous minutes, and she is paid a touch over 6k per annum on top of her basic allowance, to chair the meeting, you’d think she’d at least get something as basic as this right, since they can’t be published to the public without her approval. She has the absolute cheek to say to the (very poorly attended committee) “and we will not do that again” as if her committee has any role in her incompetence.

Carol Dean will potentially be put in charge of a multimillion pound organisation spending your tax money. Let that sink in. For 6k, she can’t even run a productive and useful meeting let alone a council, she will be paid an extra 14k for the privilege of running it too (no that’s not a huge amount but you’ll get what you pay for with her). The performance of her and nearly all of her team has always been pretty bad, especially the time when they all stood up to ask pointless questions (bar one) in a full council. We particularly enjoyed when Dean stood up to ask a question that was nothing to do with the Council, whilst declaring her membership of an organisation that would actually deal with her enquiry, you can watch that if you’re interested.

Unfortunately the general public don’t see this side of the Council and who they blindly vote for in action. Whilst we sometimes can’t blame people for getting frustrated with what sometimes happens down in Westminster, we think people should be looking closer to home and asking themselves whether they want this bunch of clowns in charge of their Council this year. You can see the meeting for yourself here. Decide for yourself.

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