Sarah Edwards MP For Moseley North, has been stood up in parliament telling everyone all about the Asylum Hotel, the Holiday Inn, in Tamworth costing Taxpayers £8million per day. Yes you read that right. It’s not a mistake, she literally said, in parliament, it costs eight million pounds per day to run the hotel for Asylum Seekers in Tamworth. She didn’t even try to correct herself, it is in fact £8m per day for all of the hotels housing asylum seekers in the entire country.

It’s an astonishing figure even then, in itself, unfortunately quite a number of residents would take her claim at face value. Maybe she’s done it on purpose? She even goes on to say how much £8m per day would help Tamworth redevelop the Town Centre, which is already happening way before she arrived and most certainly without her help or involvement. We are sure Sarah that if that amount of funding could come anywhere near Tamworth, we could all live in the lap of luxury and everyone would vote for you forever. Get on it Sarah, we want a new solid gold office chair for HQ.

Sarah doesn’t stop there though, she says that some asylum seekers have now been ‘living there for years’ which is an outright lie, given the hotel started housing asylum seekers in July of 2022. It’s almost as if our MP who talks about ‘our town’ with such confidence, has never visited the place before she got elected. She certainly knows nothing about our town and is continuing to lie her way through her first few months, whilst making ridiculous statements that bear no resemblance to reality as well as trying to take credit for things she’s had zero involvement in.

Sarah then, because she’s experienced in only her parties’ spin rather than real life, pushes her parties’ line calling on her colleagues to ‘adopt Labours plan’ which includes the groundbreaking idea of hiring more people to help clear the backlog of asylum cases. No shit Sarah, you really are the oracle of all things. We are sure she’s going to get lots of Starmer points for her repeated request in her speeches for her colleagues to adopt Labours plans. Granny is literally being told how to suck eggs right now by someone who has been elected since October 2023 and has yet to provide any tangible benefit to Tamworth residents in the way of, you know, actual help or assistance.

Interestingly the Hansard record states that she said “these hotels cost” when clearly in the video she doesn’t. Even her own subtitles don’t say that. We wonder if someone at the Hansard organisation felt they needed to go easy on her being new and all that.

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