In possibly one of the worst case of passing off someone else’s work as your own, MP for Moseley North has jumped on to another bandwagon that was already well under control, in yet another attempt to make it look like she’s doing something. She really needs to make sure the ‘and the villages’ bit of her constituency are feeling her love, even if it amounts to nothing.

Chetwynd Bridge is in a bad way, after 200 years of use, it is finally showing its age. Despite weight restrictions being put on it to avoid more damage, they are being ignored (surprise) and it is now in a worse state of repair than when they started attempting to fix it. Suffice to say they’re gonna need a new bridge, especially since it’s an 18 mile detour for residents living in the area to avoid it.

Edwards naturally is shamelessly trying to take credit for a situation already well developed and well under control, as you will see here on this site set up by the County Council. The endgame of this is the requirement for a new bridge, which is already being planned. In the meantime the restrictions she moans about are in place to prevent further damage and the bridge being shut completely. There is literally nothing more anyone can do, especially Edwards unless she quickly trains to be a civil engineer and can construct the bridge herself. All she needed to do was read the website we were sent by our tipster and she’d have been very much in the picture about ‘what can be done’ since it already is being done. Instead she had to go down there and waste her time making a video.

What Edwards doesn’t seem to understand is that her tenure as an MP will be marked by how well she has assisted residents with their various problems relating to Government departments, and what relevant issues specific to Tamworth she raises in parliament. She hasn’t got anything more than an email address to contact her on yet, no staff and no office. She could also be trying to schmooze her way around Westminster to bring more dosh into our town.

For all of Chris Pinchers faults, he did all of the above with people even admitting on television news that despite his personal faults he actually was a good MP. Sadly it seems Tamworth is stuck with an MP who believes Facebook likes are her measure of success, and she’s having to shoehorn her way into issues already taken care of, hoping her constituents’ take all this on face value. Which sadly, a majority probably will.

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