MP for Moseley North Sarah Edwards has ingratiated herself with many local businesses, taking lots of superficial photos. This one’s particularly interesting since George who owns the Tamworth Tap is a paid up member of Tamworth Conservatives, and we believe was or is one of the local associations executive members. She must have really gritted her teeth to take that photo, but anything for publicity we’re sure. Also, gosh what a gift, a copy of her rather flatulent maiden speech, which we are sure George will treasure.

It seems though that Edwards might well be telling some porkies about just when the photo was taken (yes we were very shocked). The interesting thing is Eddie Hughes MP for Walsall North (who is hoping to become MP for Tamworth next year thanks to his seat being abolished), getting into the spirit of Debunking and pointing out an aide running her Facebook page saying Edwards was in Parliament when the photo was supposed to have been taken.

Eddie of course visited to take his own pictures at the Tap, someone commented that Edwards was nowhere to be seen, prompting another person to defend her.

Eddie then points out the discrepancy. Showing he’s keeping a close eye on the ‘enemy’. It looks from his posts that Eddie is certainly savvier and more engaged than Edwards at social media posts and doesn’t need anyone running it for him in spite of being a sitting MP himself. He doesn’t stand any nonsense from people talking rubbish and we can only praise someone who claps back at sycophantic morons. Edwards despite apparently not having time to set up an office in Tamworth, has plenty of time to go out for a photo opp and needs someone to look after her social media, what on earth is she doing that is filling her time to that extent?

Of course it remains to be seen how well he looks after Tamworth if he manages to hoof Edwards out of her seat sometime this year (likely October) when the next General election hits. He’s certainly got an uphill battle ahead of him.

The moral of the story is to not hero worship politicians folks regardless of your political beliefs, they’re mostly ordinary fallible people who must be mad, and especially at parliamentary level thick skinned enough to deal with the torrent of shite thrown their way by the general public. Some people like Edwards though appear to encourage it, by making even now, rookie errors whilst trying to put across a carefully stage managed PR front. It’s really not helping you look like one of the people Sarah.

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