No not that Sam Smith. This one you’ve probably never heard of. He’s been elected for 18 months, which is 5 minutes in political terms, and now finds himself in the heady heights of Deputy Leadership of Tamworth Borough Council.

An interesting choice for the Tory group given the many other longer serving members of their group. Is this a sign that the Tory group is so divided they can’t even get their members to put themselves forward for the top jobs? Was he unopposed? Our usual sources aren’t talking, but we would imagine after having been snubbed for leadership, Councillor Rob Pritchard might not put his name forward for this one, especially since the job was wrenched from him in a vote of no confidence in May 2023. Now he finds himself replaced twice over in the same year by someone whose leadership experience apparently amounts to running a pub and being a member of the cabinet for all of 6 months. We perhaps should have seen this coming when he was chosen to chair cabinet whilst the leader was in Brazil. It certainly seems that it was predetermined and no-one else perhaps stood a chance.

The madness within the ambitious half of the Tory group appears to be manifesting in everyone and their dog seizing their chance to play at important positions of power before they’re kicked into the wilderness in May.

Surely this cannot have been the plan of the New and Improved Tory Leadership™ when they staged their coup back in May. To the outside world, most people don’t really care who runs the council let alone who they are, so long as the bins are collected. It perhaps should concern them though, that those in charge of their town don’t appear to be able to keep things stable within their own group.

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