Councillor Kingstone has tried his hand at a conspiracy theory today. He was immediately shot down by someone with evidently more intelligence and trustworthiness than someone who purports to be a sage and reliable pillar of the community.

Naturally Kingstone decided to do his usual sensationalise and gaslight approach to feed his attention seeking desires. We must not forget that Kingstone has the ability to email any officer of the council planning team to ask them what’s happening with this planning application. He also has a direct line to the leaders of the Council, Councillor Thomas Jay and his puppet master Paul Brina Brindley (Failed Councillor, Failed Businessman, Liar, Spreader of muck, misinformation merchant). There’s absolutely no need of course to suggest impropriety, he could have just presented the facts, the rather mundane truth would be hard to spin though wouldn’t it.

Maybe this is a tactic to try and distance himself from the Tory Councillors he is very much in bed with. He couldn’t have his psycophantic following know that he is in fact very good friends with all of them, meets them for drinks in the pub on a regular basis plotting and scheming with them against members of their own group. He of course wants to keep up the illusion of how independent he is, when you could separate his political views from theirs with a piece of tracing paper, and he has kept the Tories in power since May.

Kingstone only left the Tory group once he gained enough of a voter base, simply because he couldn’t get enough attention focused on him. It seems he will be keeping this up for the duration. We in fact suspect that there may well be an update to his latest stunt, an announcement he was due to make and we think was told to shut up about, tonight or tomorrow. Let’s wait with baited breath and see!

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