Well we are shocked we tell you. Apparently none of the Tory group listen to what we have to say, and we are quite put out by it. We sometimes wonder why we bother at all! They’ve gone and elected Councillor Thomas Jay as their leader. Or rather he did. Yes that’s right, apparently it came down to a casting vote after one of the candidates got knocked out and TJ got to vote for himself three times, including the knock out punch, because he, even as a candidate was chairing the meeting and had a casting vote. Can you actually believe it dear Reader?

We understand the room was literally split down the middle in the end, but with whom he was up against we don’t know, both Councillors Cooper and Pritchard had put their names forward for the top job. Although keep your eyes peeled for the new Deputy leader as we are sure whomever that is, is likely to be who TJ voted himself in favour of, to keep the peace between two halves of the group. Awkward?

You can be sure though that these two are happy.

Not so local Troll Paul Brina Brindley (Failed Councillor, failed businessman, liar, hate merchant, fetid harbinger of Christmas doom) will be no doubt already be aware of his best buds’ achievement along with Councillor Kingstone who toadied up to Councillor Jay backing him for the leadership in a recent Facebook post.

So now Brina and Kingstone have what they wished for, and we Tamworth, now have a troll living under a bridge in Leicestershire in charge of our Council. It’s like a twisted Disney Christmas movie directed by Stanley Kubrick. Oh joy to the world!

It’s a Christmas miracle for Brina, who has been doing his level best to influence the Council from the outside with his unhealthy obsession, since quitting as a Councillor after a tantrum. Quite what Kingstone (who quit the Tory group after his own tantrum) will get out of this remains to be seen, but we assume good things will be filling his Council stocking this Christmas, so long as he keeps his friends happy.

Its all set to be confirmed and wrapped up in tonight’s last full council meeting of the year which we shall be watching with interest. You too can watch it here live as no doubt there will be a gushing tribute to Councillor Jay from Councillor Kingstone. There might even be a sighting of a troll in the audience.

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