Councillor Kingstone has been preaching to his huddled and gaslit masses again. Are magistrates meant to straight out lie though? In this post Kingstone asserts that his best Pal Paul Brina Brindley (you only get one per day at the most) was ignored by Borough Council officers and what were the controlling group at the time, when the not so local troll suggested that Tamworth Borough Council should apply for Purple Flag status as apparently Lichfield are deciding upon doing. Anyone who has paid attention in the last year to anything the Council does (and you’d think Councillors would be top of the list on that) would know that Tamworth Borough Council did in fact announce it was going to start the process to apply for Purple Flag status. Now oddly enough because our dead tree news in the form of the Tamworth Herald didn’t publish it online, the only reference to it we can find is here.

And lets not forget Purple Flag, the status I hope as an authority we will one day in the near future achieve. All of the hard work being carried out currently is being assessed against the purple flag criteria to identify what more we need to do to attain it. It is not a short process and I envisaged it would take at least 3 years. With Purple flag, we will be able to highlight proudly that Tamworth is a safe and fun place to have a night out.

Quote from Councillor Martin Summers during a meeting of Tamworth Borough Council in February this year.

This is enough on its own to prove that esteemed Councillor Kingstone is in fact a dirty liar and the fire department has been called to extinquish his backside. He’s either got a short memory or an agenda and a troll as a best friend. We aren’t sure which.

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