Richard Kingstone, Councillor, School Teacher, Magistrate/Justice of the peace*

*Justices of the Peace are trained volunteers. No formal qualifications are required but magistrates need intelligence, common sense, integrity and the capacity to act fairly.

This is Richard’s Facebook post tonight:

As you can see, this has been shared on not so local Troll Paul Brina Brindleys’ (Failed Councillor, Failed Businessman, Liar, Hate Merchant, Muck Spreader) many Troll Farms including Tamworth Voice, and you can see the troll in question pictured with Kingstone to give you some context.

Readers of this site will know the cosy relationship between Paul Brindley (we’re only doing it once) and Councillor Thomas Jay, currently the acting leader of the council. Does it shock us then to see the gruesome twosome backing Councillor Jay for the leadership, and for Brina to come from under his bridge just in time for the Council meeting set to crown said new leader on the 12th? Sadly not at all. Read the words up above regarding Magistrates, does Kingstone fit the bill do you think after reading of his many instances of election interference, backing of a corrupt former Councillor and personal attacks on electoral candidates this year alone? We don’t think so. The man is a shameful, spiteful, self absorbed publicity seeker, and he will apparently do anything to make sure he gets what he wants, despite supposedly sitting on the sidelines as an ‘Independent’.

It is in fact Kingstone who has kept Tories in power in Tamworth since May, whilst pretending to his substantial following that he is ‘Dancing with the Devil‘ to ‘get things done’ in reference to his perpetual lie that Tamworth Council doesn’t have a reception desk. So we do in fact wonder given the links between all of these people, what has Kingstone been offered by a prospective new leader that he is touting, what dirty politics that Kingstone is meant to despise is he involved in this time? Will we suddenly find Kingstone taking a senior position if a certain someone he’s backing gets the top job? This whole thing makes us retch, even if he didn’t take a position, he’s still getting something out of it, you can bet on that, and by association that means Brina is too.

It is in fact the Tories that decide who their new leader is, apparently tomorrow according to Kingstone, who appears to be more in the know about their business than Debunking is. We certainly knew who is up for the vote, Kingstone is getting his information from closer to the source we suspect.

Tonight we’ve even had correspondence from someone concerned about the whole dirty situation which we will publish here rather than the Mailbag.

Genuine question regarding Cllr Kingstone’s post on Facebook (link provided).

Does Tamworth Borough Council not have some sort of social media policy for councillors as well as employees? Obviously he’s entitled to his own opinion, but should he be sharing that opinion on an account where he’s representing himself as a councillor, not just a member of the public?

As you will have no doubt seen dear Debunking reader, Kingstone will happily throw poop at anyone and hope it sticks. For a man whose motto is supposedly “be kind” he is anything but, naturally. We don’t know if the Council has any such policy, but we urge anyone who has complaints about any Councillor to get in touch with their ‘monitoring officer’ about them. We completely concur with your sentiments of course, as does this chap below. [Regarding your second question about the Sexual establishment policy on the councils agenda, we apparently have a sex shop in the town, how exciting!]

You’re likely not getting any news via Kingstone from the planning department Zoe, especially since Thomas Jay was one of the people who knocked down Goostrys.

We also have village idiot and frequent Kingstone arse kisser Paul Keightley putting his insightful thoughts in to the mix. He comes up on our radar frequently and appears to have quite the unhealthy obsession with Councillor Pritchard. As for ‘action man’ Councillor Andrew Cooper (Hi Andy!) Mr Keightley, why don’t you go play in a warzone for a bit old chap (there’s several) and hopefully you will either shut up, or be shut up.

Back to Kingstone, we need to also remember as Stephen Pritchard so kindly reminded us, that Councillor Jay presided over the small matter of obliterating part of Tamworth history as Deputy leader. It’s all kicking off again isn’t it Debunking Readers, and to think we were contemplating having a Christmas break!

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