Take a look at this news article:


Take this particular quote from Councillor Kingstone from this very article:

“As readers may recall I was unhappy with the fact that many members of both the planning committee and the controlling group had an interest in a company called Corkscrew Communications. “Corkscrew Communications carried out a lot of the public consultation on behalf of Maplevale Homes, the successful applicant. At no point have I suggested these councillors have done anything illegal or corrupt – indeed I have bent over backwards to publicly state that they met their legal obligations by declaring an interest. So at the moment I have been suspended for supporting residents, speaking my mind and telling the truth. Isn’t this what a councillor should do?”

Now, why should this be of any interest. Well it seems Councillor Kingstone has had a complete change of heart, and is now in fact endorsing owner of Corkscrew Communications none other than Michelle Cook for her upcoming election in Glascote in May. Someone we understand along with her family campaigned very hard to have Richard chucked out of the controlling group.

Apparently then it would seem it’s OK to endorse someone you essentially decided was corrupt (without of course saying it, yes Richard very well done) and brought to the public’s attention, when you have an axe to grind and some stirring to do for the fun of it.

And let’s not forget that somehow Richard who has always been a Conservative and professed as such at Council meetings on the public record, is now endorsing Labour party candidates as well as independents. Will this man stoop any lower to cause trouble for the sake of causing trouble? Is he credible? As an educator and a magistrate, you would imagine he would be above this kind of dirty politics.

So lets recap, he left the group because of Michelle and the housing scandal. He has now told people to vote for her to get the Tory’s to lose seats. What does he stand for anymore? It’s no longer integrity or against housing developments, he has just got into bed with the towns main house builder and HS2 lobbyist. Make of that what you will.

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