Move over Chesney Hawkes, Richard Kingstone has declared that he is the one and only truly independent Councillor on Tamworth Borough Council. People of Tamworth, the ego has well and truly landed!

Of course if he gets best bud William ‘Bill’ Bryan elected they will be a group of two totally independent people, oh yes they will!

Seems some of our Councillors are flaunting independence like it’s the 4th of July 1776. It seems to be the in thing at the moment. Of course our independent Councillors have been part of the Conservative group up until recently and had absolutely no problem with it until it suited them to jump off the platform they were launched on to go it ‘alone’. It’s like a crap Big Brother or when a band splits up and inevitably one of them tries to make it solo. Well Richard isn’t exactly Robbie Williams, but with his ego well and truly on display like a peacock on parade, he would really love you to know just how bad organised groups of people are. Can you imagine the arguments in a room full of egos if we had 30 independent Councillors working against eachother with their own agenda?

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