In a post on his Facebook today, Cllr Richard Kingstone has told all of his followers that “a spoilt ballot is a vote for the controlling group”.

A spoiled ballot is exactly that, spoiled. Unless there is an affirming mark in the box next to a candidate (it could be anything, a dot, a tick) it is discounted and doesn’t go towards anyones vote total.

By all means if you really can’t decide who to vote for, write none of the above, or write something on it outside of the boxes. The candidates and agents all see the questionable votes, they don’t get long so make it short enough for them to get the message.

Should you really let someone you don’t even know tell you how you should be voting? Especially someone who has well publicised beef with the controlling group and a seemingly very bitter agenda to push. This despite having happily represented that group as Mayor twice.

What you should really do is make the effort to find out more about the candidate and vote for them if you like them. What seems to be the worst thing to do in the world is take advice to waste your vote from some bloke on a Facebook group with dubious credibility.

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