We might not have much time for Richard Kingstone on this site having seen through the fake cuddly caring, hard working exterior he portrays. We know different. However we are a debunking site and this claim by Richard Kingstone that someone was threatening to out him as a Freemason because of a ‘dirty little blog’ (we assume this might be us! We won’t shed tears) caught our eye.

Now we do have to point out that Richard has never actually hidden the fact that he is a Freemason, in fact he has openly spoken about it and appeared in some elements of Masonic clothing at points when he was the Tory Mayor. He has also indeed declared it as an interest to the Council, which is only right and correct. We at Debunking have absolutely no problems with the Freemasons, not because we think the Illuminati might cause us some problems, but because we know them to be a reputable and charitable organisation that is no harm to anyone and quite frankly it wouldn’t be right to say otherwise. We have absolutely no doubt that some disreputable people use the Freemasons as some kind of privilege club for their own gain, it once used to be rife. We suspect that is more the people than the organisation. Now we’ve pointed out Richards Masonic connections before, which are to a number of Councillors on Tamworth Borough Council including the leader Paul Turner. Freemasons generally don’t fall out with eachother, so pointing out the connection is in fact highlighting the hypocrisy Kingstone comes out with when he makes such claims as ‘Dancing with the Devil’ in reference to the Tory group on the Council on his social media. Because It is quite frankly rubbish.

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