Richard Kingstone our Towns great pretender and attention seeker has decided he’s not had enough of the attention recently. He’s decided he needed to remind everyone he exists and that he pulled out of the election tomorrow that he never intended to stand for in the first place.

Preaching about this being a nasty election, the true character of candidates being shown, needing an MP that is hard working and caring, the hatred shown on election material. Richard completely ignores the attacks he made on his former colleagues who helped him get elected as a Tory twice, chose him to be Mayor twice, only for him to ditch them when he’d had enough of using their platform to go on and back the corrupt Councillor who caused his resignation from the Tories.

The hypocrisy and irony of Richard’s post would be enough to power a small nation. Let’s not forget the claims of nepotism on one candidate, the ‘handing them their ass’ in reference to his former colleagues and friends as he gloated over their losses. Let’s also not forget that the people of Amington ended up with a by election, no small part due to his meddling in the election, leading a man who never intended to win becoming a councillor. He had the decency to apologise, but carries on spouting rubbish nonetheless. Now whilst he is not as bad as some on social media (yeah you know who) who mess around with the more manipulatable residents of this town, most of his followers hang on his every word and swallow everything he says.

We at Debunking could name a former Councillor (we won’t name unless we get a verified ok, they know who they are) who we know was more than likely a victim of Kingstones election interference, that could tell you just how caring Kingstone actually is when it comes to helping residents who need more than just a quick email or publicity blast on his page. Richards council ‘work’ we are led to understand is reading agendas and forwarding emails, his actual achievements on the Council for Tamworth it’s residents are actually nil, including his ‘be kind’ campaign which fizzled out as soon as he wasn’t in the spotlight.

Kingstone has publically backed the Labour candidate Sarah Edwards, after deciding to start criticising the Tories’ Andy Cooper with whom until just before his candidacy was announced, was publicising joint surgeries. Now it seems he can’t make up his mind again. It appears that is becoming a habit, that his followers are seemingly oblivious to.

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