Smug Richard Kingstone who just had to drop his tuppence in and make sure everyone knows he was at the election count speaking to Sarah Edwards, has congratulated her on her victory and pledged to “work with her to make our town even more amazing”.

Kingstone sitting as an Independent on Tamworth Borough Council, with no authority whatsoever can do a sum total of absolutely nothing with Sarah Edwards and never will be able to. Richard of course just likes to make his sycophantic audience of Facebook cronies believe he is important and works hard when he is not and does not. Kingstone as usual is sucking up in the hope of reflected glory and for Sarah to smile down on him, no doubt for more publicity (Labour used failed bitter Tory Councillors in their campaign let’s not forget). Considering his comments slating Andrew Cooper before the election, who he apparently now thinks should be congratulated, we do wonder how he would have reacted should Cooper have won. Let’s not also forget that novelty acts such as the Looney Party were not here to ‘stand up and try to do their best for the town’ yet they apparently too deserve congratulations, as apparently does the Facist racist Britain First candidate. We do wonder here at Debunking whether Richard actually stops to consider what he is writing or just blurts out as many niceties as he can automatically to keep up the nice guy act he has everyone believing. As for the ‘advice’ Kingstone believes Sarah should heed about not sticking to the party line, again such hopeless naive comments as he knows they are, will not come true. Labour is very much about the party line and there will not be any room for Sarah to manoeuvre on that, even if she did want to (which is unlikely). We imagine Sarah will spend until the next general election bitterly complaining that she cannot fulfill such promises as having the police station front desk reopen (which she has no power to do) because of those nasty Tories. No Sarah, quite simply you made promises you knew you could not keep to get elected.

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