It all started with a post. Doesn’t it always. Cllr Gareth Coates shares information regarding the Browns Lane Development on his Facebook page.

Now it didn’t take long before Tamworth ‘Super hero’ Councillor Kingstone was on the case sharing and agreeing.

Now of course, Cllr Kingstone would absolutely love you to think that he’s #standingupfortamworth and leading the charge from the front and ‘doesnt want to be neutered’. Sounds fantastic doesn’t it, he’s being a great Councillor, aren’t you all so lucky to have him? Only it’s not the case, unfortunately Kingstone is on planning, the only place where his voice would have counted as a member of the committe when this comes up to Tamworth. Richard in a nutshell doesn’t want to sit in committee, make an argument to persuade his colleagues and vote against it, which is within his gift to do. So instead he’s taken the easy way out and decided to prejudice himself against the application so that he can’t even be in the room when it is discussed. Win win for Kingstone, just not for his residents who still think the sun shines out of his backside. His efforts outside of the committee count for absolutely nothing, but he doesn’t want you to know that. This guy gets it:

This Councillor Jan Wadrup worryingly does not get it:

Naturally the not so local troll Paul Brina Brindley (Failed Businessman, liar, hate merchant) and Kingstones best pal could not resist an out from under bridge trip for this one. Complaing about those pesky Tories colluding with Lichfield District Council to build more houses.

Now if you’ve never read this site before, go and check out our Paul Brina Brindley posts and please note that he lives in Leicester, nowhere near this development, yet crows about development on ‘our borders’. As you can see Brina is all about taking a pop at the Tories, using lots of sweary emojis like it actually bothers him. Kingstone and Brina forget one thing though, look who’s been banging the drum (apparently alone according to one of his posts) since before these two even pretended to give a toss.

Now if you didn’t already know, Pritchard is (shock horror!) a Tory, one of those that’s meant to be supporting this apparently according to Brina.

Special mention to this charming Gentleman who appears to be firmly wedged up Richards bum:

Then you’ve got this guy Jason Aston whom we may have to award the title of Baby Troll now given the sudden disappearing act from Christopher J Williams. Who borrowed Brindleys post for himself to look like a big boy and as if he has a clue.

Note that both Jason and Brina have used ‘we’ in their posts (although admittedly Aston has copy and pasted) when it is actually just them making the posts. We do think it provides good evidence of their split personalities on their posts though. [Note: Debunking says ‘we’ because several people assist to put these posts together].

So it’s just your usual day on Social Media then. A bumper post simply because all of the key players came out to play. It’s an issue so important to people they will naturally probably only express their faux outrage and shock on social media, rather than make actual sensible coherent representation about it to the correct place. Then again, when they’re following the examples of people like Kingstone and Brina who have large followings and profess to be the voice of the community, is it really that surprising?

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