No sooner had we called out not so local Troll Paul Brina Brindley (liar, hate merchant, failed businessman, failed Councillor, windbag), as part of the post on Browns Lane, did he come back with an attack on Councillor Robert Pritchard, and his father. He was doing so well too! Brina hates Rob Pritchard the most out of all Councillors on Tamworth Borough Council. From his post Brina suspects that Pritchard runs the site. Naturally we aren’t going to do a thing to disprove that, but we do like the idea that Brina is going apoplectic to the point of talking to himself yet again whilst sharing a foaming at the mouth and dribbling post from his own Facebook group. He also has the gall to state that Pritchard has no rightful reason to rent a garage in the Borough. Some would say that Brina who lives nowhere near Tamworth any longer has any right to comment on any matters relating to Tamworth just to feed his hateful agenda. Brina serves no useful purpose in this town, never did and never will. He’s a hateful disgusting human being, and we’ve seen enough contact from our readers happy with our efforts to out the vile man and his abhorrent antics to know we are correct in our thinking. Most people who follow his pages don’t know who he is, what his agenda is and how twisted and evil he is. We know that if you Google Brina’s name, our site comes up fairly high in the rankings. We can only hope anyone who wants to do business with him and does their due diligence, sees all the evidence they need to know he’s mentally unstable and unfit to work with. The irony of his last post suggesting his frequent conspiracy theories are true, all without evidence or context we might add, just adds the cherry on top. Get back under your bridge you sad strange little man.

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