It seems Council Leader Paul Turner is using his new found power and knowledge to find new ways of extracting cash out of the taxpayers pocket. This cash we understand is to fund building work on the Masonic Lodge Rooms in Tamworth. Presumably they have run out of space to sacrifice medium sized animals at their secretive meetings, and they want to move on to bigger things to keep up with the bigger boys down in London.

Quite why the quite wealthy Masons need £5,000 of cash to fund work on their own building is beyond us here at Debunking Tamworth. They are after all an organisation that usually gives thousands of pounds to charity and does exceptional good, not takes it. From our further digging we found another £500 grant towards the same thing earlier in the year. We do wonder whether Councillor Turner’s actions are known to their Ministry of funny walks Grand Lodge. Maybe they’ve been pulling at his apron strings to save them cash and they think he’s the GOAT. Maybe they don’t know at all? What we do know is when you’ve got a paltry thousand pound donation to the food bank next to a five thousand pound grant to one of the richest organisations in the world (don’t get us started on the Catholic Church), it’s not a good look is it.

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