Debunking saw this on our regular scouting of social media for inane ramblings and lies there’s been a lot less of it recently (Hi Brina! Keep it up). This person sent in a rant to Tamworth Matters complaining bitterly about the fireworks display in Tamworth Castle Grounds last night.

Let’s not forget that these fireworks are free, yes free folks. You only pay what you already have paid in your council tax and we don’t mind people whose Councils don’t do this cadging a free display off us either, because most of Tamworth is not as bitter or twisted as this person. This person complains not only about the fact that taxpayers are paying for the event, but that the air quality was so poor that people were leaving, by which we can only assume this was in fact sent in by a tetchy houseplant.

Debunking Tamworth was at the fireworks last night and watched an excellent display mostly set to the crooning of Elton John. We didn’t notice anyone leaving in particular other than to rush off near the end to avoid the crowds. As ever we do wonder whether the effect of certain Facebook pages that breed negativity and consistently lie to people, have had their desired goal for their owners.

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