Tamworths’ Tory leadership have got a big problem with their pole. So bad that even our not so local super hero troll has offered to step in and help them get it up in time for the big occasion.

In what might be deemed the absolute best metaphor for Tamworths’ current leadership, they are having performance issues in the flagpole department. Unfortunately this comes at rather an unfortunate time, it being Armistice Day and Remembrance Sunday this week.

We at Debunking actually believe that if nothing had been said about this by the Castle, then no-one would have actually noticed or had opportunity to moan about it. It seems that a certain faction in Tamworth only actually care about what’s going on here when it’s pointed out to them. This lady however just brings out the bonkers:

Yes Caroline, keep taking the tablets and maybe upgrade your tinfoil hat whilst you’re at it. How it’s ‘convenient’ for the Castle to not have the flag flying for such an important occasion is beyond any conspiracy theory we can imagine.

Naturally Major Misinformation Ron Brown of Tamworth Examiner fame had a collection of words to say about the whole debacle, but we have trouble staying awake when we try to read them so we won’t bore you.

Paul Brina Brindley (you know the drill) of course was all over this, offering his assistance despite the fact he’s quite incapable of even keeping his companies solvent or running events that people still want to go to.

Now we would absolutely love Brina to pop over from his home in Leicestershire go and shin up the flagpole and sort this out, perhaps giving the many people who despise him the chance for some target practice with rotting vegetables.

We imagine the flagpole issue is not as simple as people like to think. But naturally everyone becomes experts on the subject when they’ve actually got no clue whatsoever.

We think perhaps that there are more important things to focus on this weekend. According to the castle, they are lighting it up in tribute to those that gave their lives so that people can busy themselves complaining, teeth gnashing, coming up with crazy conspiracies, or just using the opportunity to try and make themselves look good on the Internet.

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