In a move that would impress Wesley Snipes, it seems Tamworth Borough Council under the careful watch of the new Conservative Leadership Councillors Paul Turner and Thomas Jay and others, have allowed one of the last remaining historic buildings in Tamworth to be made a pile of rubble. All without going through the planning committee and the oversight that brings.

As you can see here in the original planning application, the building, former Goostrys and Peel Café was meant to be refurbished, not demolished:

It seems someone didn’t get the memo, sometime into September 2023 persons unknown decided they didn’t want to bother with all that history stuff and decided it was time to make life easier and just demolish the lot instead.

As you will see above on a new planning application on the 7th September 2023 the decision to demolish was a delegated decision, meaning the Council and those in charge decided they’d just go ahead and destroy a piece of Tamworth history. It also seems that our noble hero Councillor Richard Kingstone who has berated the Council for this happening to his followers on Facebook, has taken his eye off the ball, both being on the planning committee and apparently #notstandingupfortamworth since #thewholebloodythingsgone. Let’s not forget that it’s his votes and backing that have kept the All New (TM) Tory leadership in power since May. Also culpable are Planning Chair Councillor Tina Clements (who is apparently being replaced in that position at the next full Council) and apparent self proclaimed guardian of Tamworth history, Councillor John Harper who we understand was very vocal when it came to these plans but apparently didn’t follow that through.

Our not so local troll Paul Brina Brindley has also naturally been ranting about this on his pages. Pretending to publish readers submissions from himself on Spotted Tamworth decrying the actions of the council.

So it’s too late now to save it, but who will admit responsibility for this out of the bunch of names in this post. Who let the civil servants in the Council free with a bulldozer in our town centre? This will be interesting to watch.

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