Paul Brina Brindley, (Not so Local Troll, bully boy, hate merchant, liar, failed businessman, failed Councillor) has once again shown his intelligence is somewhat lacking, and his ability to tell the truth has never been a skill of his either.

Thats so terrible isn’t it. Tamworth is the lowest performing town when it comes to climate change. Gasp! Of course this being a Brina claim, there’s more to it than that. As we are a Debunk site, we went to have a look at the site Brina visited to base his claim on.

Now this is the scorecard for Tamworth Borough Council. Note that it says No evidence available. It’s pretty much all of the questions they have to make up the scorecard that have ‘No evidence available’ on them. Quite simply put, they can’t find the evidence to be able to answer the question. It certainly doesn’t mean that the council is failing to meet their criteria, and if MySociety who run the site had managed to get more information out of the council and not just rely on FOIA requests to mark one of the questions, we actually think they’d probably do a bit better. Take a look for yourself here. This is where Tamworth Council committed to Climate change action here and we can only assume MySociety volunteer research didn’t extend to a quick Google search like we just did.

So Brina at his home in Leicestershire cares so much about Tamworth’s commitment to climate change, and he’s even got his regularly used swearing emoji out along with some little graph emojis to show you how important it is and how clever he is for not being able to read data properly. As ever, Brina is pushing his own agenda to damage the reputation of our Council and the Tories he hates controlling it. Are we surprised? Do bears use toilet paper when they crap in the woods? (That’s rhetorical, please don’t send us anything that makes us write a retraction).

We’d love to know why Tamworth Council don’t spend more time and effort going after this liar and his propaganda groups.

PS: Brina, one of your many businesses accounts are overdue and one is going to be struck off! Not more businesses of yours going under surely?

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