Debunking understands that the Tamworth Tory Council group are in somewhat of a pickle. Since the group was taken control of by Councillor Paul Turner in a move that Che Guevara would have been proud of, the group have gone weak to weaker since Mays election trouncing. We have it on good authority that the Tory council group currently have as much cohesion as a wet fart.

Promising to shake things up after a vote of no confidence in Councillors Oates and Pritchard, then leader and deputy, Turner took power after having only been elected to the council a year prior. The great pretender to the throne evidently believed he would be the Tory groups saviour and booted half of the current group out of the jobs they were doing. This we understand has left him with a mostly uncooperative, despondent and infighting group who strangely enough didn’t all share his belief that anything needed changing. It has certainly done nothing for the Tories in Tamworth as a whole if recent election results are anything to go by, for all the crowing that was done at the start of his reign.

Talking of election results, we understand that Andrew Cooper of flowchart fame has hung up the whip he used on naughty Tories (he was group disciplinarian, ooh Matron!) presumably because he didn’t want to have to deal with the Little Dan incident, which surprisingly we’ve heard nothing more on since revelations were made regarding our current Deputy Mayor’s conduct.

So there we have it, the Tory Council group are currently in turmoil, with most apparently privately resigned to the fact that in May they will not be in charge of the Council, and facing at least a couple of years watching the Labour party’s group of paper candidates muddle their way through destroying whatever work they did.

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