It seems Tamworths’ border defence guards were sleeping on the job today. Not so local Troll Paul Brina Brindley (Failed Businessman, Failed Councillor, liar, hate merchant, destroyer of worlds, nope got carried away there) has managed to breach security and get on to sacred Tamworth soil. What we pay them for I do not know, it’s not like the guy isn’t easily spotted. He’s with a friend this time who we know and are very surprised is hanging around with Brina.

From our sources, we do know that Brina did indeed call for initiatives such as Purple Flag, on which work was started (although admittedly we’ve not heard anything about it since). This is where the failed Councillor bit comes in. Of course Brina left and caused an expensive by-election in Tamworth instead of sticking it out and making change happen from within. He also apparently didn’t really fancy the job of ‘Town Centre Champion’ and went for ‘Heritage Champion’ instead according to this post.

Yet here he is years afterwards still banging on about things that he wails didn’t happen, that he didn’t even truly try to get involved in.

Brina then states “it’s so much better to be out than in”. We agree Brina, like all big turds, we’re happy you flushed yourself, and moved to Leicestershire. Perhaps you should stay there and keep your nose out.

[Debunking Update: At the request of the person in this picture, we are removing him from this story. We have no legal reason to do this, believe us. We of course know who you are and are very surprised at your association with Brina. It isn’t fair you get caught in his reputation. Sometimes we get carried away, and we hate Brina, can you guess?].

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