In a recent Tamworth Borough Council meeting shocker, Cllr Richard Kingstone (right, pictured with local ‘indpendent’ troll and fellow conspirator Paul Brindley) proved without a doubt what a hypocrite he really is, by putting the controlling group he so bitterly despises and disparaged so frequently on his Facebook page, back in power.

Coming hot off the tail of the recent election where the Tories looked like a metaphorical boxer after a bad fight, there was a long drawn out battle of wills to ensure the Tories held on to control of the council however they could. Only they couldn’t without one man’s help, and that man was Cllr Richard Kingstone, who could easily have sided with the Labour Party and those pesky kids, Independent Future (and they would have gotten away with it too).

Having laughed so heartily with a jaunty cartoon depicting the Tories having their ass handed to them on a plate, Richard decided to give it right back to them. Knowing full well his cult following on Facebook would more than likely never find out (because who watches the Council meeting live streams hey). They would never question the wisdom of their great and powerful Richard in any case, because to that lot, he can do no wrong. He is very much the master of making himself look good, giving himself excuses to do what suits him and justify his decisions. Such a hero.

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