We chose this photo to represent Tories digging holes for themselves. We’re on fire aren’t we.

In news we would expect to have heard coming out of Russia, and not Tamworth, we can exclusively confirm our previous suspicions that something was brewing within the Tory Party. Councillor Robert Pritchard was suspended from the Tory council group in November 2023 for just over a week, during which time Councillors apparently had no idea of what he was meant to have done.

We can also confirm that Councillor Richard Kingstone was indeed involved in the Putinesque plot to prevent Pritchard running for Council leader and oust him from the group entirely, a position unsurprisingly then filled by Troll loving Councillor Thomas Jay. Rumours suggest that Kingstone was colluding with senior Tories of the New and Improved Tory Leadership™ after yet another meeting in a pub, with a plan cooked up for him to send an email (possibly the one we reported on?) that we suspected somehow was meant to identify a leaky Tory.

If you hadn’t already seen the glaring irony of this, the actual Tory leak was whomever told Kingstone the groups private business he put in that email, which then got leaked to us here at Debunking (we aren’t complaining though naturally). This disgusting behaviour proves once again that Kingstone is a disgrace to his positions as a Councillor, Magistrate and school teacher. What example is he setting to his pupils? How many cases has he presided over that should perhaps be reviewed as this man’s judgement is evidently questionable? As for being an elected councillor, how many times has he crowed about the principles they are held to, whilst happily telling lies, backing corrupt or useless candidates, and indulging himself with questionable election interference?

We imagine the current Tory leader and his several cronies were quite proud of themselves when they thought they had collared Pritchard, only to be left looking utterly stupid when Pritchards’ suspension was lifted with apparently no communication to members of the group as to why he was suspended in the first place. Members of the group are possibly still in the dark, up to now, where we’ve hopefully handily joined some dots for them. You’re welcome.

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