Councillor Richard Kingstone the absolute undisputed hero of Tamworth (in his own mind) has decided to treat his sycophantic followers with a lesson from the school of the bloody obvious. He is naturally also over exaggerating the scale of the floods we are seeing in Tamworth at the moment, having not actually yet reached the peak they had since 2007. Plenty of people who live in Tamworth know that it has been much worse prior to even that, and lots of work has happened to mitigate flood risks, yet people oddly still complain when the water floods precisely where it is meant to in some cases. Mr Sanctimonious Kingstone also appears to have forgotten that he is himself an elected representative and most of his ‘points’ apply to him, naturally though he’s keen to deflect and make it appear to be someone else’s problem, which kinda contradicts the ‘growing some balls’ and point 6 which is to stop blaming others. Try actually doing something Richard and provide evidence that you have rather than just stoke up your loyal following on Facebook eh? It’s not rocket science.

We note Kingstone also states that we should stop building on flood plains, without any actual hard evidence that building on flood plains is actually causing more flooding anywhere more than it normally does. Can’t get in the way of a bit of misdirection though can we. We at Debunking are of the opinion though that anyone would actually be mad to purchase a property on a ‘former’ flood plain. Apparently the market is there though since people do indeed buy them!

What is missing is Kingstones’ big announcement, we’ve yet to see. We think the attention seeker in him jumped the gun on some announcement to do with his friend Councillor Thomas Jay the leader of the council and he’s been told to shut up. Is it possible that Kingstone has been asked to join the Tamworth Cabinet, or some other position and no-one is meant to know yet? Wouldn’t surprise us in the slightest.

What we do know is he’s undoubtedly enjoyed the attention lavished on him from people asking him what’s happening. If you actually know Kingstone, you would know his only real interest is in himself and his own stature. Meanwhile he’s still #runningawayfromproblems #indulginginhypocrisy and #lyingandgettingawaywithit.

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