Mr Gaslight, Councillor Richard Kingstone it seems has taken exception to us again and called us a ‘Grubby Little Blog’. Much weeping ensued when we heard of this and we are still having an existential crisis here at Debunking Towers. Of course Richard trots out the line “You know you are doing something right” as if being criticised by us is some kind of badge of honour. If it’s a comfort to you Richard then you keep on telling yourself that.

Richard was responding to our story where we called him out for actually saying nothing about the Tamworth floods whilst of course making out what a community champion he is for doing it. We imagine Richard would think he should be applauded for pointing out that the sky above Tamworth is currently blue, and expect his sycophantic followers to heap praise on him for pointing out the obvious.

Fact is, neither Richard Kingstone or MP for Moseley North Sarah Edwards, (who Kingstone is evidently trying to wedge himself firmly up the arse of), are actually saying or doing anything at all about the flooding. For all their hot air, neither of them can actually do anything about rain fall or the fact that Tamworth occasionally floods to this extent. Anyone who has lived here for longer than 30 years knows that Tamworth floods, it is not news and it cannot be solved by dredging rivers, unblocking drains or even shock horror ‘raising the issue’ with anyone. Storm drains from roads strangely enough drain into rivers, and if the rivers are bursting their banks, then where’s the water going to go anyway?

People like Kingstone and Edwards thrive on publicity and the public gaze upon them. They have to draw attention to themselves constantly to feel relevant and make it look like they’re doing a good job. They do this even though they have zero evidence whatsoever that they are, they are low effort posts that they expect people to look at and think ‘oooh aren’t they doing a good job’. It is just words, and no amount of Sarah Edwards bothering the Environment agency is going to stop rain or the resulting floods from happening. Both of these gaslighting experts seem to also forget that that the entire country have experienced floods.

If you were to believe Kingstone especially you’d think only Tamworth flooded and that our authorities have done nothing about it. If Tamworth itself hadn’t had flood preparation work done, then Ventura Park would have been completely underwater in the last few days. Building on flood plains (even if this writer would not particularly want to buy a house on one) has not actually had any effect whatsoever on flooding, since nowhere new in Tamworth has flooded since houses have been built on them. We think this guy who accepts the fact he lives in a flood prone area had the right idea, he built a wall around his property to save it.

We understand that when Sarah Edwards went out to film her video, she made out that she couldn’t get to the places she was trying to go to, when in fact the roads that had been flooded were accessible once again when she got out there to film.

We at Debunking expect to be criticised ourselves, if anyone actually has genuine issues with anything we write, we will always be happy to address it. No-one to this day has done so, and we know for a fact that Kingstone reads this ‘grubby little blog’ because he has been witnessed doing so, not to mention it seems actively working with the leadership of the Tory group to try and catch out members of the group who they suspect of running this site. It doesn’t stop Richard, magistrate no less, stating without any evidence that it is definitely a Tory and ex Tories behind Debunking Tamworth. Who actually cares? We understand he’s put more effort into that endeavour than looking after his residents issues.

Your meaningless words Richard and Sarah will one day catch you out, when your residents realise that you actually do nothing for them beyond writing a Facebook post and sending a few emails. You are in fact doing the least effort versions of what a Councillor and an MP could do because you’re both just as lazy as eachother.

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