In hot from our tip line and especially interesting given the events of yesterday. This is an email that Councillor Richard Kingstone supposedly sent to all Tory Councillors on Friday the 17th of November (we say supposedly because the email as you can see did not disclose the recipients). In an act of sheer hypocrisy and causing the irony meter we have at headquarters to explode after we’d just had it repaired, Kingstone laments the falling fortune’s of Tamworths’ Conservative group that he contributed immensely to the downfall of, urging everyone to vote Labour or Independent at Mays elections for starters. The two faced email speaks for itself in the wider context of events over the last 6 months. It also answers the question quite clearly as to why Turner resigned as the leader of the Council last night. In what seems to be another open goal for the master of deception and misdirection Kingstone, it is somewhat awkward for his continuing working relationship with the Labour party who are likely to take over control of the Council in May.

Richard just cannot help himself after the event either, urging the Tories this morning to stick with Councillor Thomas Jay who is part of the failed leadership that staged a takeover of the Conservative group and Council in May.

Aside from the utter tosh regarding the ‘fruit’ of Turners’ labour in 6 months only now coming to fruition (does a destroyed heritage building count?). You might recall, Thomas Jay is best buds with not so local troll Paul Brina Brindley (Liar, bully, hate merchant, spreader of misinformation, failed businessman, disgrace, failed Councillor) and you might also recall that Richard Kingstone is too. So what we have here is two people well inside the pocket of Brindley who lives nowhere near Tamworth, allowing him to influence who the next leader of the Council is. You might also have noticed that Brindley has been uncharacteristically rather quiet about the whole Goostrygate affair because he knows it would hurt his pals chances of getting the top job.

We at Debunking feels this whole situation stinks, Kingstone should keep his nose out of a group he left in tatters and berates on Facebook regularly, not to mention backs a Labour candidate for MP which has left them even more vulnerable. We also urge the Conservative group to think very carefully whether they really want Thomas Jay who is associated with Brindley, one of the worst men to ever infest Tamworth in recent history, to have the crown of Council Leader. Just a small reminder for those who may have forgotten below.

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