Tonight at an extraordinary full council meeting, Councillor Paul Turner has quit the Tory leadership and as Leader of Tamworth Borough Council. Debunking (with a huge sense of self importance) called for Turners’ resignation over Goostrygate on the 15th of November. Turner (who Debunking bestows the title of ‘Liz’ for obvious reasons) cited changing circumstances with his business as to why he was stepping down. We (did we recently mention we were cynical buggers at Debunking?) think the timing is somewhat delicious given the proximity to Goostrygate and we certainly don’t believe this was on the cards before. So did his group get rid of him? Did he jump before he was unceremoniously put out with the blue bags?

Very heartfelt and meaningful tributes to Councillor Turner were made in the meeting tonight, praising him for his ‘morality’ and for being really nice and cuddly to the Labour opposition. Given Turners’ stint as leader was around 6 months since his wholesale takeover of both the Council and the Tory group within his 18 months of actually being elected in the first place, we see two things wrong with both of those sentiments. You’ve got to wonder at how he did it, only to then fail so catastrophically at achieving any of the aims he set out at the beginning of his tenure.

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