Former Councillor, Simon Goodall has been noting an increase in secretive council meetings held behind closed doors recently, questioning whether this is down to the New and Improved Tory Leadership™ or the chairman of committees now being made up of opposition members.

Major Misinformation Ron Brown also had stuff to say in reply, but our heavily caffeinated tablets had not arrived in time for us to read his comments.

It’s interesting that Goodall should point the finger at the opposition chairs, since you would imagine they’d be more than happy to air any dirty Tory laundry in public. Especially since one of those chairman is former Council leader turned ‘independent’ Danny Cook.

Since the New and Improved Tory Leadership™ came into being, transparency has been paramount to their existence, and justified rebellion within their own group leadership in May. Yet even a former group member takes issue with the amount of restricted meetings there are now. It is certainly food for thought at how things have been run in the town since May, especially given recent revelations relating to Goostrygate. Was this decision taken in one of the closed door meetings? Will we ever find out? Stay tuned.

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