Richard Kingstone has yet again proven what kind of man he really is by deliberately libelling current or former nameless Councillors, accusing them of setting up fake Facebook profiles to troll in the comments section of his Facebook page. Note that interestingly for someone who is a Justice of the Peace, he gives no evidence whatsoever for his allegations, simply because he has none. Yet he is quite content to blame and sully the name of his colleagues to make himself look good. How Richard can justify the allegations in this post is astonishing. Whilst Debunking has no idea of who those Facebook profiles he references belongs to, neither does he, it could be literally anyone. Of course his sycophantic followers joyously praise him for calling those bad people out and #standingupfortamworthbyrunningawayfromproblems.

Not only that, but Richard has happily and shamelessly left comments from a hapless and clueless individual actually naming and libelling serving Councillors on his post.

Kingstone as usual is out to make himself look like a champion of Tamworth, the last bastion of truth in Tamworth. In fact, if you take a look at his antics, he is most certainly not. He is in fact shameful and disgraceful in his actions by posting something like this to stir up vile conspiracy theories. Who hops on the bandwagon? Of course he does, his best buddy pal not so local Leicestershire Troll Paul Brina Brindley (Failed Businessman, failed Councillor, liar, hate merchant, purchaser of clubs in bulk) who has reposted Kingstones’ post on his pages. This is especially fun since Brindley is Tamworths’ most well known troll and purveyor of misinformation who happily blocks lots of people who challenge his views too. Note that Kingstone tells people to look back over his posts and see that people are free to challenge him, we know for certain that Richard hides or deletes comments that challenge him in a way he doesn’t like, but of course, you wouldn’t be able to see that would you.

We wonder what Kingstones’ colleagues on the council think about his attack on pretty much all of them and the damage it causes to trust in them. Unless he’s going to name who he thinks it is and back up his statements? No, we didn’t think so. This isn’t the first time Kingstone has accused Councillors of being corrupt either. He quit the Tory group after being suspended stating as much (but for legal reasons pretending he wasn’t) for his own publicity some time back. He then went on to endorse the Councillor he thought was the most corrupt in later elections.

Given his on the record track record, taken together, how anyone can believe a word that comes out of this man’s mouth any longer is beyond us here at Debunking.

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