You’ll be quite surprised to find out, of course this is a lie. Tamworth Borough Council still owns Marmion House, it has not been sold and it is still used by the council. They have been trying to get rid of it, but this hasn’t come to fruition. Doesn’t stop Ron outright lying about it of course, because that’s what Ron does.

We also aren’t aware of any Councillors or the Council itself ‘shouting’ about minimising council tax rises for next year (that we know of, please feel free to contact us). Go and search on Facebook for ‘Tamworth council tax’ and you will find plenty of posts from not so local trolls and Ron himself for example for the last years rise. Last year’s offical announcement about council tax was in February.

It’s easy to predict that council tax will go up to the maximum allowed, it probably will. We’ve explained here for the most par why it does, and we all know that sadly generally everything else is going up around us for quite a number of reasons. Amusingly Mark Hopkins, moronic Minion of Ron Brown ‘concedes’ (amongst criticism of other things the council doesn’t run) that council tax in Tamworth is ‘middle of the park’. We are surprised Ron didn’t kick him from the group for that with the sound of ‘Claptrap!’ ringing in his ears.

Lets also not forget who gets what out of the wedge:

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