We are always interested to see where our visitors come from. We are always especially interested and excited to see visitors coming from other parts of the world (although we don’t make it easy for other countries to view the site for security reasons). Our technical team flagged up one particular visitor (literally one) who’s been giving the site some love this week from none other than Brazil. Does anyone from Tamworth know anyone from there? We’d love to know. We’d like to say Eu te desejo um Feliz Natal to you whomever you might be and are happy to have you visit our humble Tamworth UK based site.

Debunking Tamworth certainly seems to have captured the imagination of Tamworth (and one Brazilian it seems) residents, we now get a regular 7 thousand unique visitors a month. A decent amount of new people who find us are searching for information on our special Troll friend, which gives us a lovely warm Christmassy feeling. We would like to thank all of our readers for your continued support and anyone who has ever contributed.

Update: Aren’t we silly, we realised not everyone is in on the joke and might wonder why on earth we’d be so excited by a visit from a single Brazilian visitor.

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