This is your Labour party Ladies and Gentlemen. The same Labour party that will likely be in charge of your Council later tonight when the votes are counted. It was 2005 when the Labour party were caught running a vote rigging factory in Birmingham and it seems the spirit lives on with their candidates.

Aside from telling lies on the doorsteps to voters and from reports we’ve received, taking credit for having work done in wards across Tamworth that they had nothing to do with. It seems that the Labour party have stopped at nothing to get that landslide win they are expected to have tonight. From what we’ve heard, the Labour party candidates have been the most dishonest and unethical we’ve ever heard of this year. This post from Helen just shows how far they would happily go, if it was possible.

Thankfully it isn’t possible for this person to make votes disappear, but it is certainly possible for them to ‘accidentally’ put votes in someone else’s piles, especially if no-one is looking. Let’s hope someone running the count is made aware of this disgusting attempt to derail democratic process. Helen should be stripped of any political office she may gain tonight just for finding the idea funny.

This is your Labour party everyone. Best of luck.

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