Word has reached our eyes via the mailbag of the lies Labour are telling people on the doorsteps. Residents are being told by those canvassing for the Labour side in Tamworth wards up for grabs, that the Council have ‘lost’ the golf course money and that the Council do not have the money to finish the town centre college building.

If this is what is actually happening, then we are appalled at the fact that Labour are resorting to downright completely factually incorrect lies to ensure they win the election. We’ve no reason to doubt our sources on this as it sounds like the kind of dirty tricks the Labour party would stoop to. We are told this information has come fresh off the doorsteps today.

The Council have not yet spent the golf course money from the sale of Amington public golf course some years ago now. Unfortunately it seems the local Labour party are going to get to fritter away the cash, rather than it stay invested to make money or used for a well considered project. We would hazard a guess that they want to make it seem as if the money has disappeared and blame the Tories for it as a cover for that. You have to wonder just how gullible people are to just believe this kind of stuff off hand, but apparently they are. You can view the Councils’ accounts here and even contact the council on that page to ask them about it if you were so inclined.

As for the college not having the money to finish the college project. Considering the move to the old co-op department store is funded by the government, and the Councils’ involvement was over and finished when they purchased the land, we aren’t sure where this utter rubbish even materialised from. There has been rumours floating around that the council couldn’t afford to finish the future high street fund project, but since they still have a large amount of golf course money in the bank, we can’t see how that would be the case. What we have understood is that costs inevitably went up from the initial budget drawn up before covid. So far as we are aware, everything is still going ahead and no doubt the Labour party will again try and take credit for it and ‘saving’ the college move.

If you have been told either of these whopping lies on the doorstep then ignore them. The Labour party should be ashamed of themselves for spreading these lies. People deserve to know the truth about public finances, and to resort to cheap shots like this is beyond the pale. The Tories are likely to lose next week’s election anyway, we predict there will only be 11 of them left to fight another day.

Unfortunately, it seems some pretty huge lies will have contributed to the Tory downfall next Thursday. All because people are too wrapped up in their own lives, ignoring the rest of the world around them, and make voting decisions that affect others without so much of a cursory check on facts or even understanding the end game of party core beliefs. We have so little involvement in our politics in this country, it’s a very sad state of affairs. The excuses given for apathy are exactly that, excuses, the real apathy from people is their lazy lack of will to make a basic effort to understand what’s going on around them. People not going out to vote is simply an excuse for them to stay ignorant as it’s too much effort to be otherwise. The hell with the consequences apparently, but be certain those same people will complain bitterly if they don’t agree with something that directly affects their lives.

[A brief update on our call for parties and independents to put out an unedited free of comment from us statement/opinion piece has only garnered one response from an Independent candidate so far. So we will happily publish just their piece on Monday. We expected no responses at all, it seems the rest of the parties and candidates have deemed us unworthy and the Labour party and Bill Bryan have the Troll to push their messages in any case. Fair enough, like we said, no skin off our nose at all. We are rather sad and upset but we will get over it.]

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