Brina the dirty toxic troll has been doing some maths. Maybe he thinks it will make him look more intelligent, of course he doesn’t because he possesses a troll brain the size of a pea. We aren’t sure where Brina got these figures from, but of course being the troll, the facts are somewhat distorted, as you’d expect.

Even though the complete tool doesn’t say whether this is an average, we can only guess it is. You can only really work out an average attendance for a municipal year from May to May. And this is what we get for attendance figures of Councillors representing Stonydelph in the last municipal year up to now.

Councillor Paul Turner: 83%

Councillor Stephen Doyle: 87%

Councillor Jason Jones: 30%

So we can see who is letting the side down here. And Jason Jones is leaving the council this year, which looking at the attendance is just as well. Someone Brina absolutely loves is running for the seat, our unwitting Kickstarter Councillor Andrew Cooper (Hi Andy!). So Brina is now focusing on Cooper to try and royally shaft the Tory vote specially for him.

The average of all those figures by the way is 66.66%, Brina presumably just made it up we guess, and can only add up to three without help anyway. So the average is not great, but of course not the full picture. We know that Councillor Stephen Doyle is holding the Tory side in terms of actually looking after Stonydelph, and things could only surely improve if anyone else took Jones’ seat.

Let’s not forget that Brina’s temper tantrum storming off when he quit the council before his term was finished cost the taxpayer around £20,000 plus. Dubious claims about Councillors claiming their allowances therefore are, so far as we are concerned, null and void. Especially when turning up to meetings of the council is hardly the be all and end all of representation. What work Councillors actually do when residents contact them for help is what counts more than meeting attendance ever will. When you’re a troll like Brindley though, any statistics you can present to make someone look shit, will do just fine.

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