We knew it! So much for “Keeping his own counsel” on the elections. Kingstone’s decided to break that and stick his oar in. It only took him 20 days. Proving you can’t trust a word the man says.

(Interesting spelling mistake for Counsel given he’s a magistrate.)

Also, during an election you cannot forget people’s political parties, because ultimately that is what they will align to when they get elected. Yet more ridiculous posturing from a man who used the Conservative platform to build his name recognition and his ill-gotten reputation, be mayor twice before ditching the Tories for the inflated ego party. We suppose it helps that Councillor Maycock is an active Freemason too, and as we’ve covered before they’re generally pally with eachother no matter what.

At the end of the day, if Kingstone said he was going to keep his nose out of it, then he should have done just that. It’s bad enough he’s punting his best pal Bill ‘Destroyer of Themeparks‘ Bryan for a council seat when the guy doesn’t even know what’s going on with major housing developments in the ward. It’s hardly an endorsement for Councillor Maycock from a man like Kingstone, but of course, the moronic Muppet that hangs around Kingstones page in lieu of his arse would vote for anyone Kingstone tells him to:

Oh Paul Keightley, we’d love someone like you to stand for election. The Councillors that do actually work hard from all parties (unlike your pal Kingstone) would show you up for what you are and eat you alive in a debate. You’re so far up Richards’ arse you can see the view from his mouth. You’re also such an intelligent credible source of information that you’d vote for someone just based on how they look?

We’re going for Dimwit (Based purely on looks).

We know that all Paul Keightleys’ involvement in bettering the town consists of making stupid ill informed comments on Facebook and making disgusting remarks about Councillors he’s never met or come into contact with whatsoever. He’s just as nasty and vile as any Facebook troll going. We might do a feature on Paul’s comments if he keeps this up. He needs a good Debunking.

Of course, Kingstone the man of morality and rules never deletes this guy’s comments or any of his other sneering nasty following, because just as he’s got the Troll Brindley working for him throwing the election shit, he lets his comments section do the heavy lifting for him too.

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