The problem with pretending you’ve been ‘working hard’ for the ward you’re standing in as a candidate, when in fact you only pop back up for the election, is that you’re bound to make mistakes that will pop back up and bite you in the ass. Unfortunately William Bill Bryan has made such a mistake, a reasonably big one as it happens, which proves he has absolutely no idea what’s going on, but would dearly love you to think he has. Let’s not forget this man is associates with the Gaslighting liar Councillor Richard Kingstone, and promoted by toxic not so local troll Paul Brina Brindley. You’d think Richard would be making sure his candidate (Kingstone is his election agent) would not be making such blunders.

So what is the blunder then?

Well it seems he has not only been completely disinterested in and unaware of what’s going on around the outskirts of his ward, that he’s failed to notice that the Browns Lane development has been refused by the Lichfield planning committee some time ago. His political rival Councillor Robert Pritchard has been all over it since day one and even spoke against the plans at the Lichfield planning meeting. Even his best pal Kingstone has been talking about it on his page. Where have you been Bill? Oh yeah…

The developers have as you’d expect decided to appeal the decision, which means this is completely out of Lichfield planning departments hands. It is now going to be looked at by the planning inspectorate. So unfortunately Bill telling everyone to go and complain to Lichfield is not only completely pointless, but it’s also a complete waste of everyone’s time too. Those that have heeded Bill’s advice will hopefully be advised where they should actually direct their objections to. So we are happy to correct the record for Bill since he clearly has no idea what is going on or how late to the Browns Lane party he really is.

Heres the details with the correct information on it below. Hopefully Bill will update his post. But since his troll friend Brindley is his pal and mentor, he is likely to follow his lead and leave it as is. Meanwhile we think Bill should probably amend his candidate tag line and take some letters out. “William Bryan – The Inept Voice For Spital” sounds a bit more realistic doesn’t it.

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