Swing and a miss Brina. It seems you’ve moved off from attacking Councillor Robert Pritchard and moved on to Councillor Martin Summers. You’re obsessed with these two aren’t you, dirty troll that you are. And yet supposedly upstanding members of the community Kingstone and Bryan still use you to do their dirty work.

We fact checked this one, which is something Brina seemingly doesn’t bother to do before pressing the button. It would seem that the last paragraph is a complete work of fiction. We covered this before as it happens. And the dirty troll (although apparently an avid reader of this site) still can’t get it right. He preaches about lies and then tells one right there on the same page.

Any evidence you need is in the councils own video, a public decisive record of what happened. Labour were called out for telling a lie about the Councils front desk not existing, and one Councillor Summers decided to ‘go further’ and call them liars. Apparently you aren’t allowed to use the word liar in the Council chamber, and Brina’s pal Councillor Kingstone was straight up and at ’em to throw the rule book (when it suits him of course). The word ‘liar’ was then withdrawn and replaced by ‘misleading’ with no apology given. So unfortunately for you Brina, you’re simply full of it. But what’s new.

Not only that, but he also accuses the Tory group of ‘millions’ being haemorrhaged and spent on vanity projects, when nothing of the sort has actually happened. Millions of Government money is being spent to regenerate the town centre, which according to Deputy Labour Leader Chris Bain (standing handily against the backdrop of a crane) isn’t happening. The fact Brina can complain about lies and then tell whoppers himself on the same post is truly amazing.

Talking of morals of an alleycat, apparently using dead basketball players to promote your political pals is ok now. It’s a shame Brina is apparently unable to spell either. It’s William Bryan Paul, not Bryant.

As for Labour cancelling the towns events. Well we’ve covered that one before too. We’ve also been getting a lot of flack for it in our mailbag, since the obvious Labour contributiors have woken up to the fact we pretty much publish everything. In the opinion of this site, Labour are indeed going to cancel or heavily scale back events in the town. If you’ve watched any meetings of the council around budget then you’ll know they’ve publically said that the money could be better spent elsewhere. It’s obviously hurting that the Tories are using this as a campaign message. Sadly as the arrogant Labour party know, it’s not going to ‘change the dial’ as one of their contributions to the mailbag stated.

Who is lying, who is telling the truth? We present what evidence we can and wrap it with an opinion on this site. Ultimately you decide. It seems a number of people, Brina included see us as a thorn in their side for holding up a mirror to their previously unchecked behaviour.

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