Glascote Ward Tamworth, Labour represented in two thirds for many years, and one Tory and one Labour turn Independent blip. Some might say they reap what they sow in that ward. Some might say why is every ward in Tamworth reasonably well looked after, unless you live in Glascote. Let’s not forget that the deputy leader of the Labour Council group represents this ward.

So who is it that the candidate for Glascote Ward is critical of? Who is really to blame, considering we’ve not seen anywhere else in Tamworth look like this. Might it be her former Labour colleague, the deputy leader of the Labour group? The solitary Tory who has been representing the ward for 4 years? Maybe It’s the fault of the hardworking street scene team who struggle to keep up with the shit they have to deal with from people who are lazy, inconsiderate, disgusting filthy people who believe they have the entitled right to dump their crap all over the environment they share. I.e undoubtedly a large majority of which are Labour voters, the kinds of people who put Labour into power whilst sitting on their asses claiming benefits.

Pick one of the above Helen. Your ‘Forgotten Estates’ bullshit doesn’t work when it’s a notorious Labour heartland you’re yet again pushing as a shit hole. Your existing Councillors there evidently don’t care, and as for the Tory who knows, but we’ve certainly seen him do a lot more work in the Glascote ward than any of the other incumbent Councillors.

So we hope you do get Elected Helen (and you will), because you can get to work dealing with and reporting all of the crap you’ve photographed, and maybe then have a private word with your deputy leader and ask why he didn’t push to sort it all out in the first place, because he easily could. The rest of us can then enjoy our tax money being spent cleaning up the shit your voters kindly leave everywhere.

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