What an endorsement for William Bill Bryan. This folks is the kinda guy who he has got promoting him. The angry vicious foaming at the mouth toxic troll Paul Brina Brindley. You only have to read the rant above to see how tapped our not so local Leicestershire dwelling troll is. Dangerously Obsessive at best, mentally ill at worst. Take your pick.

Councillor Robert Pritchard is the target of a vile hate campaign by this man and his associates, especially Councillor Richard Kingstone. The toxic trio are working together to ensure Councillor Pritchard, whom they despise, does not get re-elected in May. Interestingly Kingstone doesn’t appear to want Bill Bryan potentially outshining him by letting him stand in his ward.

Spurious claim there from Bill ‘same old party nothing will change’, but what’s new. Nothing will change, he’s right on that score. From what we can see, Pritchard is one of the few Councillors that works hard for his ward and doesn’t just ramp up the activity when an election comes along. Bill meanwhile only remembered he was going to be a candidate late last year when he woke up after disappearing after the last election. Apparently though according to Kingstone, he’s been ‘working hard‘ so that’s ok then.

We can only guess that the pair of Kingstone and Bryan will be oh so independent joining forces to heckle at the back of council meetings like these two above (just nowhere near funny), knowing full well they have no decisions to make and nothing to be accountable for. As we’ve said before, voting independent is rather pointless since anyone has to concede that generally you need to work as part of a team (especially on a council) to actually make a difference. Independents, for all their spiel cannot do a thing.

None of the toxic trio can say why Councillor Pritchard is the target of their hate, these are grown ass men remember behaving like this. Did Councillor Pritchard take their toys away? Brindley states “don’t take my word for it”, well troll we won’t, for your opinion on either Bill Bryan or Pritchard, because from what we can tell you’re talking bollocks as usual.

Unfortunately not enough people know what’s going on with these three, in spite of our efforts (generally only people with a clue read this site). Brina and Kingstone can shovel lots of shit down people’s throats on their respective Facebook pages without hindrance.

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