It’s one thing supporting your best friend to get on to the Council. It’s quite another to state that he has been ‘working hard to try to make Tamworth even more amazing for years’. Bill Bryan only just woke up out of hibernation on his Facebook page in December 2023 ready to make it look like he had been doing anything at all for Tamworth in time for the election. Immediately that post was pushed out by the not so local Troll he and Kingstone associate with on the trolls propoganda farm. We at Debunking would love to see some evidence of what exactly Bill has been doing for years in Tamworth to make it ‘even more amazing’. Fact is there is none, because of course that is bullshit.

Bryan moved to Tamworth sometime around 2019 after he presided over the time his family business Drayton Manor Theme Park was going down the pan. He lived on the site prior to moving here. So we would challenge Kingstone to back up his statement since Bryan is an election candidate, and truth matters. Only Kingstone knows he does not have to, since his followers on his page swallow down any old tripe Kingstone feeds them. Kingstone is less than honest and upright as it is, this post just shows you how far he is willing to go. Bryan if you look back over many Council YouTube videos has not that we can see attended any of the meetings to even get a feel for the job, or even asked a question at Council (challenge and scrutinise is more than possible as a member of the public). We can’t imagine what he has to offer Tamworth in any capacity, since he apparently cannot even have an original business idea, having decided to take his brother George’s bread and butter job of running a family business consultancy, and running his own.

We can see the shape of this election, and for some it appears anything goes now. The three amigos Kingstone Brindley and Bryan have decided how they are going to slice and dice the election and spin it to Labour and Bill’s advantage in a recent meeting. That is simply a mark of their chilling arrogance, and a worrying omen of what is to come should the Kingstone Bryan duo get any influence on the Council come May.

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